Welcome to Love, Lucas, a non-profit organization that provides emotional, financial, and spiritual support to families suffering infant or pregnancy loss. Please contact us immediately if you have recently experienced a loss.

What We Do

Love, Lucas initially and primarily responds by extending financial relief to these grieving parents for the memorial services of their beloved child. It is our fervent hope and prayer that with this first touch parents can breathe a bit slower and deeper as this financial burden is lifted. No family should ever have to worry about how to pay for the memorial expenses for their baby or be found wandering in the wilderness of this experience alone. With our help they don’t have to


Who We Are

Founders, Eric and Kristy, are bereaved parents. In 2010 they unexpectedly lost their son Lucas three days after he was born. In memory of Lucas and springing from the compassion they received at the time of their loss, the kinship they feel with bereaved parents, and navigating the uncharted territory of infant loss independently, Love, Lucas emerged.


Join Us

Join us in supporting families by giving monthly, making a one-time donation, or participating in a fundraiser.

Say Hello.

Let us know how we can help you or pass along any thoughts or ideas concerning how we can better serve families who suffer this type of loss. Please call us at (317) 941-6792 immediately if you or someone you know has or will most likely be experiencing the loss of an infant or pregnancy.